Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I'm having problems with the app?

Please email us on and let us know what issues you're having. One of our team will be in touch asap to help you.

I share bills, how do I sign up?

Perfect! If you share bills in your household, currently you can sign up through your estate agents or landlord. Once they create your household by adding your housemates, you are good to go!

What will the estate agents do with my bill payment information?

Estate agents will use the information to ensure all final bill payments for the companies supplying the household are settled at the end of your tenancy. Contribute towards a great reference for tenancy renewals and new tenancies.

I want to use the app but I don’t rent.

Currently only estate agents and landlords can set up a household, however, we are working our socks off to get it ready for all households that share bill payments. Sign up here and once it’s ready we will let you know.

Does all my household need to register?

If the main bills are paid out of your bank account and your housemates contribute towards these bills, they would benefit from transparency and clarity PaidYou brings. Plus in this competitive world of renting, building a good tenant history for future renting will place you in a better position.

Do I need to link my bank current account to use the app?

Yes, as we have partnered with Openwrks, an FCA Authorised Account Information Service Provider, you can safely and securely share the financial information you choose within the app. Openwrks has access to leading banks API’s to provide real-time access to banking data you choose to share within the PaidYou app.

Can I link my savings accounts or credit cards?

Unfortunately, you cannot currently link savings accounts and credit cards.

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is an EU Directive defining how financial data should be created, shared and accessed. Open Banking uses open APIs from banks to enable third-party developers to build applications and services around the bank’s data. It’s still your data and so we need permission to access which bits of your banking data that can be used for PaidYou and your housemates.

Will you see all my banking activity if I link my account?

No. When adding a bill, you will select which bills you wish to share with PaidYou, the supplier you are paying, the bill amount and the payment date. Using Openwrks, we can then search for transactions which match the criteria you entered to match your bills and mark them as paid on PaidYou.

Will you see my online banking details?

Never! Using Openwrks, you will access your direct online banking login page and you would log in privately as normally do. As we have no access to this, PaidYou cannot store your banking details or have access to your bank account and sort code. You only access your online banking account once to link the account and give permission for PaidYou to confirm the bills you choose to share on the PaidYou app.

How many people can link accounts in my household?

You can link multiple accounts from different members of your household who are the named bill payers.

How do I select the bills I want to share within the app?

Select ‘Add a bill’ and select ‘Find a bill’ for the regular payments from your bank accounts. You can then select the correct bill transaction you wish to add. You are also able to create new bills – which have no transaction history.

How many accounts can each person link?

You are able to link multiple accounts where your bills are paid out from.

I can’t find my bank, what do I do?

The majority of banks are accessible using Openwrks. If your bank is not registered, when it’s added we will drop you a line. Sign up here

Is the app free?

Yes, for you the tenant, it’s free.


We are offering a free, no obligation 2 month trial and no set up fees!

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